The Argumentative Types


We come across these types of people quite often. They’re quite interesting if you step back and observe them. They have a need to argue and give their two cents on everything. They also have the need to say something unconventional or something mildly opposing your view.

Not to worry. The are simply trying to satisfy their basic human needs, they want to be understood, or they want to confirm their belief that they will never be understood. They try to find every opportunity to prove a belief that they hold to themselves.

The best solution is not to argue, but to simply make peace with them. The war they are wanting to rage is within their heads.

Don’t jump into it.

Salaam :)

| #Quote – 21 | Everything is in movement


“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while. There is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.” -James Freeman Clarke

Every act counts. Make the little insignificant changes now. Move in the right direction

Quote #20 – Keep finding room for improvement. You will find it.


“A believer will always be critical of himself in his food, his drink and his speech. A sinner will not criticize himself.” – Al-Hasan Al-Basree

By looking at what we can improve we take our minds away from the faults of others. We improve constantly by simply noticing our own faults and eliminating them.

Fear of looking stupid & contributing to society.

fear of stupidity, fear**Although not a perfect post. I wanted to post it anyway, if i do look (sound) stupid, it really doesn’t matter ;) **

The fear of looking stupid. We feel that others are smarter, we think we’re making a fool of ourselves. We don’t end up staying anything or even worse contributing where we can. each of us are unique and do bring value to the world. Problem is that we don’t speak up when we can. This also happens when we learn languages. even if we can get things done with it. since we won’t sound like a local.. aka we will sound ‘stupid’. we don’t need to become perfect till we start to contribute. we must start with what we have. fear of stupidity is a barrier we must break it and  start contributing to the society we live in.

Slight Edge : Chapter 3 – Is Time On Your Side? – Notes

We’re so busy being busy, we don’t know what is going on half the time. We know we’re doing something, but how are we doing to reach our goal..? We have only a fuzzy idea.

Will power alone can not be depended upon. What we need to do is.. Use TIME to our advantage. The secret to success lies in the amount of time you put into it. What you have to know is.. “If I stay on this road long enough, I’ll get what I seek.” 

We’re so used to wanting thins right away, living the instant life that we want things.. RIGHT NOW. But Nothing changes overnight. You have to plant the seed, cultivate it and then harvest. You can’t go directly from planting the seed to harvesting your crop. It doesn’t happen like that.

Life isn’t like the movies, with everything dramatically changing and ending with a ‘happily ever after’ in 2 hours. Movies don’t give us the inner details and toils that the protagonist has to go through in order to become successful in the end.

You won’t always have the instant feedback. It takes months of effort before you even see any results. But what you have to do is..Keep making the right choices, regardless of whether you feel good about it or not. You have to base these choices based on your philosophy. Successful people do what needs to be done whether they like it or not. They do this over and over again before it is a habit. These habits feed their successes.

The thing about choices is also that you have to live in the moment. When you choose to make the choice that favors you and not based on impulses. It will be easy to do the right thing, and easy not to do the right thing. But making that decision, in the moment, over and over again is what will make the slight edge manifest and bring about drastic changes over time.

Slight Edge : Chapter 2 – The Secret of Easy Things – Notes

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is this : Successful people do the easy things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.

Reading a few pages of a good book everyday isn’t hard to do. Neither is brisk walking for 30 minutes, or waking up early or saving a set amount every month. Everything is easy to do everyday, and there are many people doing it to prove it. Success lies in these easy things done over and over again. The problem is that the easy things are easy to do but also easy not to do because we find them to be insignificant on a daily basis. Not walking for 30 minutes today won’t kill you, even if you don’t do it tomorrow, or the next day.. But over time.. A sedimentary lifestyle will affect you. Eating junk food today won’t make you sick, but doing that over and over again every few days for years and years will.

Thats all there is to it. Success is easy to attain if we just did the things that are easy to ignore over and over again. We see people like Steve Jobs who was very particular about what he wanted. Forget him, there are so many successful people around you who are very particular about what they want. It might seem lame to the average joe, but the successful people are using their choices to their advantage. You won’t see it on that day, but you will notice where they end up years later.

Everything you do affects you. Your actions are either for you or against you. Take your pick. The little things count. The devil is in the details..


Slight Edge : Chapter 1 – Notes

Slight Edge, Slight Edge Graph, Farhan Fyzee

Okay now if you thought that was it to the slight edge.. You’re in for a surprise. The stuff you read earlier was a given. You know what already, but I wanted to remind you anyway.. Just in case ;)

Knowing how to do things will not get you anywhere. Everyone is running after the secret formula to fat loss. The secret that will make them richer, happier, healthier. If they really wanted it.. They can surely find it. All the information is out there.. Just google it or go to the library. Want something more fancy? Haha..

But seriously, simply knowing what you have to do will absolutely not get you anywhere. You have to apply the solution and live it day in and day out.

There is a secret ingredient that makes it possible for you to live it day in and day out.

The secret is..a change in philosophy.

What you believe about the world, and yourself, and the people around you affect how you act. If you have a negative philosophy then you have negative outcomes. If you have a positive philosophy, you will have a positive outcome.. Because you choose positively, act positively, and live positively.

Just if you were wondering.. Positive does not mean HAPPY. Positive means benefits, goodness betterment for yourself and all around you. Happiness can not be attained by materialism and just more things, happiness is a whole other topic that I will try discuss another time. Just keep in mind that when I say Positive.. I mean benefitting yourself and all around you in any way.

1. Be Performance Driven

“Do the thing, and you shall have the power. “
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Compensation

You have have to be the type of person who asks.. “What can I give?”, “What can I do to get there?”, “What must I do to get what I want?” and not someone who has a sense of entitlement like the world is supposed to dance to your tunes.

Stop thinking ‘Passive Income’, and free lunches. Nothing is free. Think about upping your performance levels. Think about how you can do more. You have to believe that you will be rewarded if you do more of the right things.

There are a lot of things that you know you could do to make your situation better. Funny thing is, they are easy to do and easy not to do at the same time. Do it and you will have the power. You know its easy to get that work done, but if you choose to ignore it you’ll have a lot of widgets piled up and you’ll be one of those complaining.. ‘I don’t have enough time.’ You won’t have the time because you didn’t do it when you could have. Period.

Do the things that are easy not to do because they are also easy to do. Read that again if you have to.

2. Double Your Rate of Failure or Do It More Often

             “The formula for success is quite simple: double your rate of failure.”
— Thomas J. Watson, Sr. (founder of IBM)

This does not mean you go make an absolute fool of yourself. No. It means you go out and do more of what you’re supposed to do and figure out whats wrong in your approach by actually getting it wrong. So now you know what you have to work on to get better. You’ll know what the problem is..and all you have to do is find a way to fix it and.. Fix it.

If you fear failure you will never get started. You must accept that things you’ve never done before will cause you to feel some fear. But it’s temporary. Once you overcome the fear and try it once, it will become familiar and the fear will dissipate.

3. Embrace small actions

Hollywood sets us up to think that you can just become superman overnight. That you can change the world with one idea. It’s a 2 hour movie and they only show you the good stuff. But come back to reality..all you have is huge to-do list that is ever-expanding, with a motivation and drive that is unstable.

Society makes us dream about getting $1,000,000 .. Or some number that gets you motivated to act. But really.. That million dollars does not just pop out of thin air. It accumulates over time in the dollars, hundreds and thousands to eventually become that million. You see.. You don’t just build a house. You have it built brick by brick. That takes time.

To become more productive you must break down the end goal into separate action steps. These action steps can be as tiny as ‘pick up phone’, ‘call x’, ‘discuss objective of x with y’ ‘write down decisions on paper’. It might sound trivial but we are better at dealing with things when they are more defined, we don’t see the goal as a mammoth task that you want to run away from. You hmm.. That’s it? And get on with it.

It’s the small steps that leads to big out comes. It’s the little steps compounded overtime that make all the difference. The things you do every single day, the things that don’t look dramatic, that don’t even look like they matter, do matter. That they not only make a difference—they make all the difference. If you don’t get this, you will never successfully apply anything you read.

The Slight Edge: Introduction – Notes

The Slight Edge, Farhan Fyzee, Book Notes                                                                                                   

Why did I start reading this book?

Well to be honest. I procrastinate like everyone else, and wasn’t proud of it. I was so annoyed about the fact that I wanted to do something about it. While I was browsing online I came across this book and I downloaded it from here.

I needed to develop my philosophy on getting things done (GTD). I’m much more productive than what I used to be back in high school but still don’t find it ideal so I started reading this book.

What’s special about this book?

Unlike other books and media it does not glorify the overnight change, the sudden victory or lottery winner.

This book teaches you how to eliminate procrastination, and from lasting habits ( very much my interest!). This book was quite easy to read and the anecdotes make it all the more entertaining to read.

What are the most important principles?

1. You have to make the change.

“I knew that for things to change, I had to change. For things to get better, I had to get better.”

Okay that’s a tough one. We think that things will just fall into place if we blame everyone around us. Thats the easy way out. I say it doesn’t cost a thing to dream.. You’re damn right about that, but if you keep dreaming and don’t act on your dreams then it’s gonna end up costing your life.

We have to make the changes so that the world around us will change. That is the first step.

2. What I did not yet know was that nothing ever stays the same: everything is in motion. Everything changes.

Don’t expect your motivation to be at the same level. In fact don’t expect anything to be at the same level. Everything is changing. Your desires, goals, friends, location, political environment and enemies too. Don’t expect things to be fair. It just doesn’t work like that.

3. You have to know how to process information

You can go on reading books frantically but not know how to put it all together. You need a frame-work to make sense of it all. If you aren’t putting it all together and acting on it.. You’re accumulating a pile of bricks. You have to do something with what you learn to grasp what it truly means. Its like memorizing a recipe for a dish. You don’t know what it actually means until you put it into action and make it.

4. The Slight Edge is in action whether you accept it or not

You can choose to ignore this post. You can choose to laugh it off and say there can be no such thing that can change your mind about how the world is so hard.

I wouldn’t blame you. Its you choice.

But I will urge you to continue reading so that you will understand the slight edge and use it to advance yourself in all aspects of your life. If you do find this useful do subscribe to this blog. I promise you, if you do carry on reading, you will find the secrets to change your life!