Why I don’t watch the news

It’s been well over a year now that I truly stopped watching the news. I used to be hooked on to it like the people around me, America this, Taliban that, al Asad this Obama that..

What am I to do with all this pointless negative information? Feel that the world is more miserable everyday to get what out of it ? Most of us are just bystanders, watch the misery of the world and talking about things that will never translate to action of any sort.

I choose to use my time differently. I’d rather cut the negativity and take part in something more relevant to me..like calling up my parents, reading a good book, cleaning my room (that’s a big one).

Anything is better than watching the news, and spectator sports is whole new story.

Quote #6 – Practice, Practice, Practice on Yourself.

“Practice yourself, for heavens sake in little things, and then proceed to greater. ” -Epictetus

Most of us find ourselves discussing things beyond our reach. Like..politics, conspiracy theories or MH370.. Why don’t we look at something we can change instead.. Like yourself :)

Work on yourself.. On the little things..change for the better :)

Mindful Time Blocking (MTB) – Stress Free Productivity


**Note: You will probably get distracted while reading this..so set aside just 5 minutes to read this**

The effort we take in trying to become more productive forces us to complete more tasks in less time.

Productivity = Things Done / Time

This perception and philosophy of productivity leaves out the factor of quality. There are several things that do not need to consider quality but there are many other tasks where quality work is essential. Take reading assignment, take designing, preparing the meal, brainstorming… things like these require the input of both effort and time for the outcome to be valuable.

We are addicted to speed…

Everyone wants to get rich fast, become Warren Buffet now. These ‘get rich quick’  schemes don’t last long and aren’t valuable for the most of us. Similarly when it comes to learning and creating something of value length of time committed is a critical.

Why don’t we remember most of the things that we studied in college? Or even.. aced at college? We crammed… And we didn’t take time to review and build on those concepts.

We cram during school, cram during college and cram a lot of work. Driving has become deeply rooted habit that we think it’s productive… Because we get more done in less time. 

The Cramming Habit

Why do we cram?

We’ve heard all the excuses… “I don’t have time”, “I’m super busy” and “I’ll do it later” are just some of them. I don’t disagree that there are people doing meaningful things that actually make them busy… but look around you, the same people who continuously complain that they don’t have much time and are busy of those waste much time on Facebook, YouTube, whatsapp, TV series etc.. which is what really makes them ‘Busy’.

Audit your time & you’ll be shocked to see how much time you actually use on being meaningfully busy. I once logged my time and found myself vein meaningfully busy only about 30% of the whole day. Check out Awesome Time Logger (Android | iOS) and find out how you really use your time.

We are so distracted with notifications from social, news, apps, music that we barely have time to get our full attention to the given task.To top it all off we’ve ’ll become multi-taskers and pride ourselves over the fact. Sadly our attention span suffers till we can barely pay attention for a few minutes. I am not free from this problem, multitasking be damned!

The problem surrounding the cramming habit are far from few but they have to be addressed.

Mindful Time Blocking (MTB)

OK so thats the depressing truth, but there is a way out of this.

Be Mindful of Your Time.

First and foremost we must be aware of where much of your time goes, without this essential step you won’t know where you stand. If you disappointed with how you use your time… Make a list of your biggest time wasters in descending order…Start tackling the biggest ones to regain your precious time.

Control Notifications

Change the notification settings so that they aren’t so obvious.

1. Turn off the ‘Vibrate on silent’ function.

2. Make the apps show up updates only in the notification center & Not in your lock screen.

3. Turn off Push notifications.

There not only increase your ability to focus but they also increase your battery life. A big plus :)

Control Your Attention

The best thing to do while working on a big task is to turn your phone on Airplane Mode and turn off the computer’s Internet connection when possible.

When you are connected your mind is on a Search & Browse Mode..and waiting from updates from social networks. When your minds disconnected from the internet you are more mindful of your task at hand and you decide what you pay attention to.

Don’t Multi Task

Do one thing at a time. Its easy to disconnect and still be multi-task, switching from one task to another..Our Minds can only hold around 7 pieces of information at once and if you’re filling those slots with things unrelated to the task then you won’t be able to make meaningful connections between those pieces to get valuable insight.

Manage Time in Blocks

Time Blocking is essentially when you block distraction-free time. Dedicate this time for a single task. If you know the task takes 30 minutes, block of 35 minutes and know that you have ample time to complete it. This reduces the stress of rushing and cramming to get the job done..

These are just some of the things, I learnt at college which I still continue to use today. If you found this post useful, do share these tips with friends & family.. Happy MBTing.

Photo By (State University)