Wanting the latest thing

iPhone 6
If you’re a gadget fan like me, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting (or needing) the latest thing. You want it before you complete your project, or start a new one. It’s an easy excuse to do nothing.

You have all the tools you need. It might be restricted, but old tools aren’t useless. You can create wonders with existing tools. Waiting for the next update to start..is a subtle form of procrastination. Don’t fool yourself.

Start now.

Return Needs Risk

You want return? Then you must embrace risk. Risk of losing, making mistakes, messing up. They don’t have to be catastrophic. But accept and tolerate the idea that you can lose, but carry on creating anyway.

Without risk you won’t have enough return.

Begin to create (miserably)

We all have the urge to do something great. Often the urge is to create something so amazing and perfect, that it stops us from trying. Why? Because we are afraid that it will not be ‘perfect’. We are afraid that we will make a fool of ourselves. Obsession over the applause we will receive after we create.. will only do one thing.. prevent you from creating.

So think again. Don’t wait for perfect.

Just create (miserably).

The Argumentative Types


We come across these types of people quite often. They’re quite interesting if you step back and observe them. They have a need to argue and give their two cents on everything. They also have the need to say something unconventional or something mildly opposing your view.

Not to worry. The are simply trying to satisfy their basic human needs, they want to be understood, or they want to confirm their belief that they will never be understood. They try to find every opportunity to prove a belief that they hold to themselves.

The best solution is not to argue, but to simply make peace with them. The war they are wanting to rage is within their heads.

Don’t jump into it.

Salaam :)