Slight Edge : Chapter 2 – The Secret of Easy Things – Notes

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is this : Successful people do the easy things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.

Reading a few pages of a good book everyday isn’t hard to do. Neither is brisk walking for 30 minutes, or waking up early or saving a set amount every month. Everything is easy to do everyday, and there are many people doing it to prove it. Success lies in these easy things done over and over again. The problem is that the easy things are easy to do but also easy not to do because we find them to be insignificant on a daily basis. Not walking for 30 minutes today won’t kill you, even if you don’t do it tomorrow, or the next day.. But over time.. A sedimentary lifestyle will affect you. Eating junk food today won’t make you sick, but doing that over and over again every few days for years and years will.

Thats all there is to it. Success is easy to attain if we just did the things that are easy to ignore over and over again. We see people like Steve Jobs who was very particular about what he wanted. Forget him, there are so many successful people around you who are very particular about what they want. It might seem lame to the average joe, but the successful people are using their choices to their advantage. You won’t see it on that day, but you will notice where they end up years later.

Everything you do affects you. Your actions are either for you or against you. Take your pick. The little things count. The devil is in the details..


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