Freedom From Systemic Slavery

The system is set up in such a way that it hijacks your biological system to benefit its economic system. The goal of the system is to maximize its economic numbers, where as our goal is to maximize well being and piece of mind. There is a contrast in the goals and how they are achievable and most times what happens is that they are in conflict and the system wins.

Self interest governs the system, and it should govern ours too. The man-made systems are by far structures set up by forces to serve themselves, it could be good or bad, and it can be both for us.. However as a human race it has a more negative in what our true human goals are. The system profits form our toil, giving our race less in return.

We’re turned into energy stores that are used to run the system through so called “free will”. Yes we do make the ‘choice’ and so there is a sense of free will, but what caused the choice? The system tells you what to choose and you choose it to meet the standards that it creates, and through meeting such standards you do experience a short lived euphoria. Then the empty void is revealed again, and the system tells you what to fill it with, and this goes on.

Addictions are prevalent today. They are present today because they are propagated through society to fuel their economy. yes the invisible hand does its magic. But who created these addictions, why do they exist? Did the demand come first or the supply? Chicken or egg? Both existed but could have been extinguished and been prevented from meeting, but that hurts the system and benefits the man. It’s better to hurt the man and let the system thrive. That’s what’s been happening. The forces increase ease of access and availability of addictive substances and profit out of it. The problems that are created are sources of income for the forces.. Because the addicts will cause problems, we need law enforcers and training and this creates jobs.. And jobs move more money and increase consumption..and make the forces rich through taxes and fees.

The system benefits from clouded thinking and imposed standards of living that move more money.

The system hates the things that give man what he’s seeking for free because the system tries to sell it to him through other means, and make those things his end goal. So he’s a slave to those things that the system creates, and in other words, a slave of the system. This is of course lovely when you are part of the systems’s forces, on the other hand when you are the common man, you are the victim.

So how do you go from slave man?

You need to be in your senses at all times. You have to avoid all addictive substances and lifestyles. There are a lot of free evils too, that doesn’t help you either ; following them just makes you a less profitable slave, a meaningless existence. A waste of space.

Consume less. Produce more. You must be a producer of good for both.. A price and for free. If you charge.. The system will like you regardless because you move money, give away for free and the people will like you.